15 Best Things to Do in Fresno, CA

Sierra Nevada mountains

Mendota and Fresno County, California have so many great activities to do that you’ll never be bored. Many plans and ideas come our way that we would love to partake in but might not have the means to do so. In this way, travel becomes a challenge as choices are limited to those which fit into a budget. However, there are ways around these issues for those who look hard enough. The following list lists the top 15 best things to do in Fresno, that gives people great enjoyment without breaking their wallet or savings account.

  1. Visit a place of worship

There are many places of worship within Fresno County, including mosques, temples, and churches from different denominations where one can visit and learn about various languages, languages, and cultures. This interaction with others enhances understanding of the wider world’s population and promotes peace and unity. Check out the Mendota Pentecostal Church of God if you’re in the area. The church is gorgeous and welcoming of visitors.

  1. Try a new hobby

Hobbies and avocations provide those who partake of them with many hours of happiness and enjoyment, which is why Fresno, CA, hosts several hobby and craft fairs throughout the year at different venues such as the Fresno Convention Center, Selland Arena, Clovis Rodeo Grounds, Save Mart Center and Chukchansi Park where one can find everything from woodworking to quilting to photography to doll making materials. There are also sidewalk, garage, and estate sales on weekends all across the county, where people can buy discounted items for their shopping pleasure.

  1. Check out a museum

Museums display objects of art, scientific value, or historical value where one can learn about the various aspects of life, including scientific advancements, wars, and other important events that have happened in history. There are many different museums located throughout Fresno County, such as the Rotary Nature Center, The Fresno Art Museum, The Black History Museum, The Chaffee Art Gallery, and even a dinosaur museum called Prehistoric Forest where one can look around for hours upon end relatively uninterrupted.

  1. Sightsee at a national park

National parks have been instituted throughout the world to preserve natural wonders from pollution and damage from human beings who might otherwise mar their serenity. Within California, there are several parks that people often visit, such as Kings Canyon National Park, which contains vast expanses of forests filled with wildlife, Sequoia National Park, which is home to the third-largest tree in this world and Yosemite National Park, which is the first park established on American soil.


  1. Take pictures at the zoo

Zoos allow people to see animals that may not be able to survive in their natural habitats or have been taken from these places for study purposes. Fresno County houses several such establishments such as Chaffee Zoo, Camel Safari, Global Wildlife Center, and Woodward Animal Preserve, where one can go and visit such endangered species as tigers, camels, zebras, and leopards, among many others.

  1. Stop by the landmarks

Landmarks represent memorable events that occurred throughout history that people who pass by them naturally stop to admire with awe and respect due to their historical significance. Some of the landmarks in Fresno County include the Fulton Mall, Christian Science Church, Southwest Gas Building, and the Fresno Water Tower.

  1. Enjoy Fresno’s lakes and rivers

Lakes and rivers provide people with places to relax away from work where one can go swimming, kayaking, boating, or fishing while admiring its beauty all at once. Popular lakes and rivers throughout Fresno County are Woodward Lake, Millerton Lake, Huntington Lake, and Shaver Lake, where locals gather during the weekends to camp out for the night or spend time boating or hiking along trails that connect them together.

  1. Visit an art gallery

Art galleries allow artists’ works of art to be displayed for public viewing either free of charge or for a small entrance fee but always displaying a wide variety of art, from paintings to sculptures and other forms. Art galleries exist throughout Fresno County, such as the Gallery Night and Day event that takes place every first Friday of the month from 6 pm-10 pm at The Tower District, where one can admire a wide variety of different works for hours on end.

  1. Learn from a historical site

Historical sites are places where important events have happened or represent objects that help us gain insight into how people once lived in the past. Some famous historical sites include Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, Marjorie Ramsey Library, Glacier Point Hotel, and Yosemite Museum, where visitors may wander around without being constantly monitored by security guards for hours upon hours while adm what life might have been like back then.

  1. Take pause at a memorial

Memorials are erected to remember the lives of fallen heroes who have passed away for causes they believed in, most notable leaders of different countries where there are many memorials dedicated to famous individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. One really famous memorial is located in Fresno County is the William Saroyan Statue which was constructed after his death due to his contributions towards teaching people how to become more compassionate human beings with one another through writing plays and novels that leave lasting impressions on readers long after they’ve read them.

  1. Experience a local nature preserve

Parks allow people to commune peacefully with nature, whether it be admiring its beauty by studying leaves on trees or enjoying yourself immensely by playing Frisbee with friends or family while having picnics. Fresno County has several parks and nature preserves where visitors can go to get closer to nature by hiking trails, playing games, learning about the environment that surrounds them, or simply sit back and admire its beauty, such as Woodward Park, Roeding Park, Save Mart Center and the Chaffee Zoo among many others.

  1. Drive to a ranch

Ranches are places where people may volunteer their services in order to help raise certain breeds of cattle, so they become more accustomed to living in an open pasture before being placed for sale at local markets or sent off to regional factories which process meat into food products for selling on grocery shelves around town. Some popular ranches in Fresno County include Pinedale Feeding, Sunland Orchards, and the Triangle X, which is located in Prather.

  1. Drink Wine

Fresno County has several wineries where one can find an exquisite tasting experience with friends or family while admiring the beauty of its surrounding environment by sitting back on benches indoors or admiring the view outside from wooden decks that overlook their crops that thrive out in the open sunlight throughout the day. Many people visit wineries for celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries because they allow their visitors to sample many different kinds of wines without having to purchase, giving them more opportunities to consider what kind appeals best to their palate before making a final decision. Popular wineries include The Matarozzi Estate Winery, Oakhurst Winery, Sunnyslope Vineyard, and Alta Sierra Vineyards, among many others.

  1. Hit the brewery

Beer lovers will find Fresno County’s numerous breweries more than satisfying for visiting with friends or family because they offer various kinds of beer that vary from bar-friendly light beers to special craft beers that may take several months to ferment. Some popular breweries in Fresno County include Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company, Full Circle Brewing Company, Dust Bowl Brewing Company, and Van Dieman Brewing Co, among others, with most being open daily so you can drop by at any time without having to worry about missing them because they are open all day long.

  1. Scale the foothills

The foothills are usually referred to as the mountain range running alongside California’s Sierra Nevada, and they offer a breathtaking experience for those who wish to hike through tall trees and explore caves or caverns equipped with bridges that lead across deep canyons. One popular location in Fresno County is Huntington Lake which offers boating, fishing, and horseback riding sports for visitors to enjoy with their friends or family while admiring the scenery around them because it is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, not far from the city of Mendota.