7 Best Jetskis Under $30,000 to Use on Millerton Lake

man riding jetski near Mendota, CA

The Millerton Lake & State Park recreational area spans 40 miles, leaving plenty of room for water sports, like jetskis!  A jetski is a water vehicle that is powered by a jet engine. This article will list the 7 best jetskis under $30,000 that you can use on Lake Millerton, discuss what makes them good and provide a short review for each one.

Best Jetskis to Use on Millerton Lake, California

Jet-Elle Sport Jetski

The Jet-Elle Sport Jetski has been around since 1981 and is still going strong today. It is safe to say that this watersport machine is tried and tested over time so you can have the utmost confidence in the product when using it on your favorite lake or river.

The hull of this model provides an extremely comfortable ride even in choppy conditions due to its wider design giving it more stability at higher – perfect for beginners looking to start their jetskiing journey.

This model is powerful but very stable, meaning you will be able to navigate your way up and down the river with ease even if it is your first time behind the wheel – not only that, but you can rely on this watercraft for peace of mind because it has a high build quality which surpasses the vast majority of other jetskis across its range.

The Jet-Elle Sports Jetski is $22,900 AUD brand new, so it is well under the $30k mark set out in this article – if you are looking for an entry-level jet ski then look no further than here.

Kawasaki Ultra 300X

The Kawasaki Ultra 300X comes equipped with a 310 horsepower engine, meaning it is powerful with all the latest technology included. It also comes standard with a two-year factory warranty so you can feel safe in the knowledge that this jetski will not break down on you out at sea; whether you are fishing for your next meal or simply taking an afternoon jaunt, then this model is worth considering.

A three-blade propeller system makes this watercraft extremely efficient when cruising the seas, its hull is perfect for high speeds and has been designed to provide high agility – making it worthy of its title as one of the best jet skis under $30,000 brands on sale today!

As well as looking sleek and stylish, this model weighs in at 1040lbs (dry), which means navigating through the open waters should be a smooth and comfortable experience.

Yamaha VX Limited

The Yamaha VX Limited is one of the best high-performance jet skis on sale today; powered by a 115 horsepower fuel-injected four-stroke outboard motor means it is powerful while also efficient – meaning you can enjoy this product for years to come without having to worry about breaking down or frequent repairs!

Designated as being “the sports boat,” take your pick from three different color variants when purchasing this jet ski but rest assured that you have made an excellent choice if you choose to invest in this model – its sleek design provides comfort without sacrificing speed, which makes it perfect for all types of water activities including water skiing, wakeboarding or simply cruising for pleasure.

Nautique Super Air 210

The Nautique Super Air 210 is great entry-level boat that is perfect if you are looking to get into wakeboarding without spending too much money. This model offers a ton of value since it comes with all the high-end features that include an integrated bimini top, ballast system, Bluetooth stereo, and wireless remote.

While this model might not be as powerful as the other jet skis on our list, it still has plenty of power behind it, making it perfect for fun filled weekends out on the water – plus its price tag comes in at under 30k AUD, so you really cannot go wrong! If this product sounds appealing, then check out some of its impressive features below before deciding if this watercraft is for you.

Triton 202XL

The Triton 202XL offers everything that beginners could ever hope for; it has more than enough power behind it for cruising around lakes and rivers while also offering the stability of a flat bottom hull at slower speeds. This model can even be enjoyed by intermediate riders if they are looking to try out wakeboarding or skiing without having to drop too much money, but at $27,300 AUD brand new, then this product is still considered as being one of the best jetskis under 30k brands on sale today.

Sea-Doo GTI SE 130B

The Sea-Doo GTI SE 130B packs a powerful punch for a 3 seater model; its Rotax ACE engine ensures it has more than enough power behind it and impresses any onlookers.

Sleek and smooth, this product comes with loads of features, including Digital gauges, multi-function digital tachometer, ski tow ring, and cupholders that will make your time on the water even more enjoyable.

Sea-Doo RXP 155

The Sea-Doo RXP is one of the most powerful models in its category, which makes it perfect if you are thinking about going wakeboarding or skiing as soon as possible – not only does it have a ton of power, but it also comes standard with a wireless keypad so you can set your preferred speed and not worry about adjusting it again.

Personally, we love the design of this product, all black with red details looks stylish and appealing to any onlookers, which makes this model a great choice for anyone looking at spending time out on the water even if they aren’t yet confident in their own abilities.

Whatever watercraft you choose, the lake has plenty of room to cruise around. Just look at this Youtuber:

Follow the directions below to drive from Mendota, CA to Lake Millerton: