ZORACOMMERCE Receives First 5 Star Review

Donte Ennis
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Our team might be small, but we have grand ambitions and we deliver grand results. Though we’ve recently changed our name, the results are the same. 

As SEOMERCE, ZORACOMMERCE has helped hundreds of traditional businesses make the transition to e-commerce. Through intelligent Search Marketing Services, we’ve been able to grow sales revenue and increase their conversion rate. By creating tailored monthly plans, we’ve strategically improved each business’s SEO over time. 

Recently, one of our partners recognized for the results we were able to deliver. On Clutch, our partner gave us a perfect 5 Star review for the quality of our work, sticking to project deadlines, and value for project cost. 


In this project, we handled a media network’s marketing campaigns. We created a strategic roadmap, including an audit and initial keyword research. Then, we built backlinks to improve the site’s SEO and established Google Analytics.

The project was very successful and the site ranks highly for hundreds of keywords. Due to our work, our partners were able to increase their revenue. 

Throughout the project, we built a strong partnership by maintaining communication through Basecamp and delivered everything on budget. 

We couldn’t be more excited for the feedback we’ve received! Reviews on Clutch are valuable for our company because it shows potential new clients that we deliver top-notch solutions. By scrolling through our profile, potential new partners are able to see what tools we use and what our collaborative style is like. 

With a 97% client satisfaction rating, and $2 Million dollars in revenue generated for our clients, we’ve proven ourselves to be reliable partners. We know that we can help your business too by improving your SEO. 

Clutch.co has two additional resources for businesses looking to partner up for an upcoming project. You can find leading agencies on The Manifest, among how-to guides and the latest industry related survey data. On the other hand, Visual Objects builds reputations of high performing agencies by showcasing examples of some of their best work. 

We encourage you to check out these sites and compare our work to our competitors. When you’re ready to start your project, schedule a free consultation online. 


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