E-commerce Content Services

Fuel your store’s content marketing by hiring a team of content writers to produce high-quality content that will drive search traffic and sales. Nurture your customer-base and help scale your brand.

E-commerce Blog Content

Get professional, well-researched and original blog posts for your E-commerce brands that will help boost search traffic, position your brand as an authority and increase brand awareness. Let our content writers be your store ghostwriter, with unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.?Order comes with 15% OFF on monthly orders. Minimal of 500 word count.?

*Great for stores looking to increase search traffic to?their?blog.

$6 Per 100 Words.


Sales-Driven Product Descriptions

Tired of boring and dull product descriptions that don't convert into sales? Let our copywriters create epic product descriptions that will entice your potential customers to convert into sales.?Our content is 100% original and includes in-depth research into your brand and products.?Order comes with 15% OFF on monthly orders.?Minimal of 350 word count.?

*Great for stores that needs effective product descriptions that creates customers.?

$6 Per 100 Words.


Email & Newsletter Content Writing

Are you looking for effective email copywriting that can help you convert on more buyers and turn them into reoccurring customers? Hire our content experts that can create persuasive emails that can help your store generate more sales, while keeping your existing customers coming back to your brand. Order comes with 15% OFF on monthly orders. Minimal of 500 word count.?

*Great for?stores that want to 3-4x their email marketing growth.?

$6 Per 100 Words.?


Expert Brand Copywriting

Looking for a brand voice? Want to convert on more customers? Take your store to the next level with breathtaking content that will help you standout from the crowd. Turn your store into a sales machine with conversion-focused content that attracts and appeals to your targeted audience. Order comes with 15% OFF on bulk orders. Minimal of 500 word count.?

*Great for stores with an established brand wanting a content uplift.?

$10 Per 100 Words


Content Writing For Social Media

Do you need professional, creative or conversion-focused content for your social media? We'll research, create and schedule content to your social profiles to help you boost your audience engagement and create returning customers. Order comes with 15% OFF on bulk orders. Minimal of 250 word count.??

*Great for stores with an established brand wanting a content uplift.?

$49 Per Social Media Post


Content Writing For Advertising

Let our writers handle your Facebook, Google and instagram ads copywriting to help you laser focus your audience with sales-driven content to help you increase ad engagement, lower cost, and increase conversions. In turn, helping you boost ad revenue and profits.? Order comes with 15% OFF on bulk orders.?

*Great for stores that want to increase existing advertising efforts.?

$99 Per Advertisement


We sell mostly jewelry products with a lot of competition. These guys gave us consultation on why we couldn’t compete and the problems we had with our site. We are now ranking for majority of our keywords and received a lot of orders from Google. Tiffany, P.?

I want to thank ZORA Commerce and the team for helping us. We wanted more organic traffic and sales, mostly due to wanting more diversity in our marketing efforts. They were transparent in the time-frame and created expectations for us. Thanks again! Derick, C.?


We are able to provide affordable services without sacrificing quality is due to our expertise in E-commerce and spending hours perfecting our process. To date, we’ve worked with 100’s of eCommerce stores generate millions in search sales.?

Certain tasks can take up to 7-days to complete. However, there are tasks that may take up to 2-weeks to complete. You will be notified the ETA of your task once purchased.?

You are obligated for a 100% refund if we do not provide the service within ETA. If case you are not satisfied with our services, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and can work out something with you!

Our team of dedicated E-commerce Experts will be handling the tasks outlined above. We take pride in providing top-rated services. Therefore, expect nothing but the best from our team here at ?ZORA.?

Yes, we can implement any task for you at no extra cost. Just add [email protected] as a user and contact us by logging into client dashboard.?

SEO is a long-term strategy. Therefore, you can expect results month-to-month. Depending on your store overall optimization, it can take up to 1-3 months before you see results. But, we offer link building tasks to accelerate your organic growth with SEO.?

Expert Content Writers

Want more Sales and Traffic? Does SEO seem confusing? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you grow and leverage Google, Yahoo and Bing for more buyers.

Increase Search Sales

Increase your search sales by leveraging our SEO strategy that will help you position your store in the 1st place for keywords tailored around your products & services.

E-commerce Marketing Blog

Stay up to date with Ecommerce SEO trends, learn new strategies and keep in touch with ZORA Commerce.

Welcome to ZORA Commerce

I want to formally introduce myself as the Founder of ZORA Commerce, a full-service E-commerce Marketing Agency based in Philadelphia.…

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