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Donte Ennis
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I want to formally introduce myself as the Founder of ZORA Commerce, a full-service E-commerce Marketing Agency based in Philadelphia. Recently, we’ve rebranded our agency, formally known as SEOMERCE.

Since our launch almost three years ago, we’ve grown to 100’s of Shopify stores looking for our help to grow their search traffic and sales. Since then, we were able to produce search sales in the tunes of millions.

Our process includes E-commerce-Driven on-page and technical optimization that has helped our clients reach new customers. This unique process was used to rank for tough keyword terms and outrank multi-million dollar businesses. For example, we were able to capture keywords such as “3D Printing”, “Organic Coffee”, and “Dash Cameras” (and hundreds of related keywords).

This alone helped our clients reach six figures in search sales.

Of course, we’ve hit MAJOR roadblocks that stopped us from growing to where we wanted to. Even though our E-commerce SEO process was amazing, our brand awareness was not growing. We didn’t produce content to get our names out there.

We told our clients that content is king, but we were peasants in that respects. Now, we want to make a difference. Our team here decided to re-imagine E-commerce Marketing and our own marketing strategy.

Our team has spent hours creating short-term and long-term products that can help even the smallest store rank in Google and attract customers called: We are now introducing: E-commerce SEO Tasks, E-commerce SEO Packages and Backlinks For E-commerce

E-commerce SEO Packages is our renowned monthly SEO services that has helped brands reach a 550%s search ROI within 6-months. This will help you scale your organic traffic and reach new opportunities that would of otherwise went unnoticed.

E-commerce SEO tasks is our new, low-cost SEO tasks for stores that are looking for optimization or link building at an affordable rate without spending thousands at other agencies.

Backlinks for E-commerce allow stores to purchase natural and high-powered backlinks at scale for as low as $99. Whether you are a large store looking to capture more profit keywords or a small store getting started with SEO, we can help you get the links you need to grow and become an authority with Google.

We will be introducing new services, such our own E-commerce Ranking Tools to track and find keywords that will turn into customers.

Please stay turned…….


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